Americanails was started in 2000 with only one customer in mind…nail professionals. Our goal has always been to develop high quality, high performance, innovative nail products for discerning nail technicians. We began with our flagship Nouveau Nail brand followed soon by our Xtreme Nail range of specialty treatments. Then came industry changing products like the RapidCure UV Tunnel Lamp and the PNI25 High Power E-File that brought down the cost of professional quality salon electronics without sacrificing quality or performance. The Americanails brand really took off when we developed The Original FlexiLamp which very quickly became the #1 selling nail table lamp in North America. Over the years Americanails has continued to innovate; developing hundreds of exciting new products with input from nail technicians around the world. Today, Americanails is distributed in over 30 countries through a network of international partners and we have staff, management and operations on two continents. As we look to the future, Americanails will continue to grow as a leading professional nail brand through a combination of innovation and education.