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Select the best color combination to complement your client’s skin tone…

• Nouveau Nail™ Pinker Pink & Whiter White • Nouveau Nail™ Soft Pink & Soft White

• African Manicure™ Sahara Sunset™ & Kilimanjaro White™


1) 10-Step Quick Prep (See Page 5).

2) Pour a small amount of Advanced Retention Nail Liquid ™ into a dappen dish. Immerse

your selected Master Collection Kolinsky Acrylic Brush into the liquid. Wipe one side of your brush on the side of the dappen dish to reduce the amount of liquid absorbed into the bristles. 3) Drag your brush across the surface of the White Advanced Formula Acrylic Powder ™ forming a medium-sized ball. If your mixing ratio is successful, the powder will be completely absorbed within a few seconds and the ball will appear shiny and smooth.

4) Apply white ball to Zone 1 to create your smile line. Lay bead in the middle of the free edge and, using the body of your brush, guide the product up to one corner and then to the other corner, creating the depth of your smile. Using the tip of the brush, defne and shape the smile. 5) Wipe your brush clean on an EZ Gauze Wipe ™ between applications of acrylic.

6) Create your second ball with the powder color of your choice and place in Zone 2. Allow the mixture to level on it’s own for a few seconds before pressing the product from side to side and lightly extending over the free edge. Zone 2 is extremely important. This is the thickest part of the nail and reinforces the stress area.

7) Your fnal ball will be placed in Zone 3. This smaller ball of product will be pressed from side to side and lightly extended through Zones 2 and 1. Leave a product-free margin around the side walls and cuticle area.

8) If this is a sculpted nail, use the process for C-Curve Sticks Shaping Tools . (See Page 6). 9) Use a Nouveau Nail Washable 100/180 File to smooth and perfect nails in a few simple steps: a) File straight down the side walls. b) File the free edges to desired shape.

c) File along the cuticle area making sure the margin of product is fush with the natural nail. d) Follow the curve of the nail, fling up one side and down the other.

Avoid fling on top of the nail. This will “fatten” the arch that was created in Zone 2.

10) Remove dust with a clean scrub brush.

11) Apply Xtreme Nail Cuticle Oil to nails and massage into cuticles.

12) Buff nails with a Premium White Block Buffer to remove any remaining imperfections. 13) Wash hands thoroughly to remove all traces of oil and dust.

Finishing Options

• Apply a coat of Glass Seal ™ for a durable, glass-like fnish, followed by a coat of Super Fast Top Coat ™ for added UV protection.

• Apply a coat of Super Seal UV Gel Sealer over the nails to achieve a high gloss shine, extreme durability and long-lasting protection. Avoid cuticle area and extend over the free edge to allow for shrinkage. Cure for 3 minutes.




Page 10 - NN-Training-Manual

This is a SEO version of NN-Training-Manual. Click here to view full version

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